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Battery-powered sprayers for disinfection and disinfestation: noiseless and more ecological

For years we have been researching and developing solutions with reduced acoustic and environmental impact.

This is why we have improved our sprayers for sanitization and pest control, guaranteeing quality and efficiency for both indoor and outdoor use.

Quieter and greener: the advantages of our battery-powered atomizers.

These models are designed to protect the environment and the operator’s well-being, reducing polluting emissions to zero and lowering noise levels, while offering high performance in terms of durability and working autonomy.

An important step towards a cleaner and healthier world.


Battery Track 24V 200 Lithium

Inspired by the classic crawler, it combines accessibility to any terrain with lower environmental impact.

atomizzatore per la sanificazione e il pest control Battery Track 24V 200 Lithium - cingolato a batteria - spray team

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Dolly ULV 24V 120 Lithium

Perfect for indoor intervention, due to small size and ultra-low volume delivery.

atomizzatore a batteria per la sanificazione e il pest control Dolly ULV 24V-120 Lithium -spray team-

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Elite 48V Lithium

The top of the range of Pick-Up sprayers, customizable with various accessories in order to satisfy needs of different customers.

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This project is carried out in collaboration by Spray Team and GATE.