Spray Team SRL was founded in 1995 by a group of technicians who decided to invest their 20 year experience in the construction of sprayers and nebulizers, to carry out an ambitious project. 

In addition to the production of traditional trailed sprayers, such as the Start and Wind models, mainly used in agriculture, Spray Team specializes itself in the construction and marketing of equipment and machines for urban disinfestation and disinfection and for the treatment of public parks. 

In 2019 Spray Team SRL consolidates a partnership with Gate SRL, a university spin-off and innovative start-up, with which it perfects the electrochemical technology, giving life to the project dedicated to EWS environmental sanitation. EWS.

Spray Team in this context has used its experience to create particular atomizers for electrolyzed water, designing specific nozzles capable of obtaining a dry fog suitable for saturating environments of any size.