Maestrale is a a battery-powered atomizer with a knapsack sprayer, [...]


Elite battery Line

Created listening our customer’s needs, ELITE represents the top model [...]

Elite battery Line2023-02-20T17:04:40+01:00

Battery Dolly Line

The battery-powered DOLLY ULV model, capable of delivering at ULTRA [...]

Battery Dolly Line2022-05-31T16:02:55+02:00

Battery Track Lithium

Originally conceived as an off-road military vehicle, the classic crawler [...]

Battery Track Lithium2023-02-20T17:11:27+01:00

Battery Pony Line

Atomizer for disinfestation and disinfection. For environments where it is [...]

Battery Pony Line2022-05-31T16:57:56+02:00
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