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Technical features

Urban pest control unit SCOUT (300, 400 or 600 ) features:

* Engine: Lombardini, Diesel with 2, 3 or 4 cylinders, 4 stroke, 17 hp, 27,2 hp, 35,2 hp, 51 hp and 63.9 hp turbo; 3600 r.p.m. water cooled, electric starting, silenced. Diesel tank in H.D.P.E of 20 liters for engine until 35,2 hp and 45 liters for 51 hp and 63,9 hp ; with level gauge and warning light on the control unit. Hours meter.    

* Pump: Comet APS 51 with reduction gear, 51 liters/min for machines with engine from 35,2 hp to 63.9 hp turbo.Comet APS 41 with reduction gear, 40 liters/min for machines with engine from 17hp to 27,2 hp. Technical particulars of the two pumps: 3 VITON diaphragms, pressure max 40 bar. Pressure regulation valve with self cleaning filter in antiacid brass. Glycerin 0-80 bar manometer.   

 * Frame: dipped hot galvanized steel sections. Engine-pump support on silent blocks. Loading and unloading by fork lift

* Main tank: Integrated in the machine unit. In polyethylene, 300 liters, 400 liters or 600 litersof capacity.
With Inside smooth walls and bottom with central convergence for a complete draining. level gauge at communicating vases. Screw hatch cap and sieve filter.

* Circuit washing tank: Integrated in the main tank, but independent of it. In polyethylene, 55 liters of capacity for the Scout 300 and 65 liters for the Scout 400 and 600.

* Hand washing tank: Integratedin the circuit washing tank, but independent of it. In polyethylene, 18 liters capacity.

* Engine-pump case: rugged and handy, in reinforced fiber glass with ventilation grilles.

* Ventilating unit: of the centrifugal turbine type with omni-orient able Flexible Gun Head M30, ca. 280° in horizontal direction by means of a ball bearing and 250° in vertical direction by means  of a remote control unit to be located inside the vehicle cab. Ventilating unit and connections zinc plated and painted green ST.

*N.3- 4-5(according to engine) adjustablesprayingbrassnozzles, with dual delivery, outside the airflow, with ant dropvalve and closing position that leaves out the unnecessary nozzles, VITON gasket.

** Actual range: 17 HP = 18-20 m.; 27,2 HP = 25- 28 m.; 35,2 HP 30-33 m.; 51 HP = 35-40 m. 63.9 HP= 40-45 m.

* New remote control unit: includes the followingfunctions:

1. Engine starting-stopping and acceleration.

2. Horizontal and vertical orientation of the flexible terminal part

3. Opening and closing of the delivery valve.

4. Warning lights

* Safety function

1.Safety system for stop the engine if air filter close

2.Safety system for stop the engine in case of low level of water system for stop the engine in case of low level of oil


* Revolving head light for night-work
* Push-bottom of emergency stop

* Size and weight: Width:
Scout 300 = 90cm.
Scout 400 = 99cm.
Scout 600 = 99cm.

Length without accessories:
Scout 300 = 130cm.
Scout 400= 155cm.
Scout 600= 155cm.

Height : from 140 to 160 cm.

Weight : from 300 to 570 Kg.  (withoutaccessories)

* Certification of compliance with EEC regulation

* Manual for use and maintenance

* Guarantee : 24 monthsfrom delivery



* Hand or Electric-operated hose-reel, ball bearing movement, complete with 50, 80 or 100m. of 10 x 19; 75 bar hose and hand spray gun for high stems

* Metering Pump Unit consisting in: - AISI 316stainless steel pump – PTFE gaskets
- deliveryregulation by means of nonius and graduated knob-delivery-15 l/h
– max pressure 40 bar – 12 V 250 watt electric engine – No. 3 5l. tanks- independent circuits to be used for the hands spray gun or ventilating unit and Digital flow-meter for read immediately the quantity of litres/minute you distribute at the moment and the total of water you distributed in a day; with an electronic dispositive for starting the metering pump when you start to distribute water with the cannon or with the hands spray gun

*Radio remote controller to contol the movements of the machine at the distance of 100/120m

* Kit for ELECTROSTATICS charge to assure the maximum cover and the minimum dispersion in the environment

 * TELECAMERA infrared rays with GPS AV-MAP 5 BLU color monitor and touch screen

*KIT THERMOFOGGER applied at the dosing pump with stainless steel boiler and 5 meters of flexible steel tube

 *KIT ULV includes: compressor with engagement and disengagement by magnetic clutch, air tank of 20 liters and steel tank for liquid of 24 liters. Hand hose reel with 50 meters of twin tube air-liquid

* AUTOMATISM OF MOVEMENTS with sensor of end run both in vertical and in horizontal. Adjustable in only 2 seconds.

* VENTILATING UNIT in polyethylene HDPE, - 5 decibel noisiness.



Accessories for this product:
Camera Kit
Compressor kit
hose reels

Kit electrostatic charge
Kit metering pump
Kit thermo-fog

Snail polyethylene
Wireless radio control
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